By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will be in a water
    scarce state globally.

    By implementing closed loop agriculture systems,
    we can use 90% less water
    to grow our food.


    Monocultures have left our soil depleted, riddled with
    pesticides, and 12% of the population in a food
    insecure state.

    We must make sustainable agriculture systems
    more accessible, safe, and sufficient.


    It's time to re-think our food systems. Locally and globally,
    our systems are costly, unjust, and unsustainable.

    By making agricultural technology more accessible to
    underserved communities,we can educate & empower
    populations that otherwise, would be vulnerable
    to the impacts of are outdated
    food infrastructure.

About Us

Welcome To The Wild

  • Our Mission

    To make sustainable, agricultural technology more accessible to communities affected by food insecurity.

  • Our vision

    The Urban Wild will foster a new generation of community farmers who will use sustainable, agricultural technological methods to reduce food insecurity in underserved communities.
    Together, we will create an alternative food infrastructure that ensures access to food is universally sufficient, safe, affordable, and nutritious.

  • Our Theory of Change
      Educational Programs
      Target Population: Unemployed Youth in NY
    • • Partner with CBOs to host community programs
    • • Launch sustainability & agricultural initiatives in public schools and online
    • • Develop school based training programs to plug graduates into agtech job roles
      Community Centric Greenspaces
      Target Population: Food Insecure Families in NY
    • • Workshop series - Local commmunity gardens
    • • Secure vacant lots to launch community centric green space(s) model
    • • Provide supplemental emergency resources to families battling food scarcity
      Revenue Generating Urban Farms
      Target Population: Ag-Tech Entrepreneurs
    • • Raise awareness of agtech advantages through global agriculture networks
    • • Connect farmers with financial resources to fund implementation stage
    • • Assist farmers with piloting greenhouses and converting to sustainable business model

Meet The Team